Jochem van der Linden

Mental Physical Emotional & Spiritual Devellopment

A warm welcome to my website for holistic devellopment projects in Haarlem – Holland

In a nutshell

In my practice in Haarlem I work with people with mental and/or physical projects.
I do this with the help of jin shin jyutsu, hypnosis, coaching and massage.
Letting go of beliefs and certain attitudes will often lead to a deep relaxation, so that energy can start flowing again and harmony arises.

I see the mind and the body as one cooperating whole and apply different methods that are needed in the “now” to heal the total human being.
My way of working is with love and without judgment, so that all insights and experiences can and may be there.
Through awareness and development of yourself you can fully enjoy your life in a well-functioning and healthy body.

Je bent van harte welkom in mijn praktijk in het centrum van Haarlem.