What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a tool to cure mental and physical problems. The client will be put in to a light trance by the hypnotherapist by mainly verbal communication. The client however will retain the full control over himself..

Why does hypnotherapy work

The trance induced by hypnosis has several characteristics which are therapeutically useful to work to our subconscious motives. You can think of: increased physical and mental susceptibility to good ideas, relaxation, retrieval and processing of limiting beliefs and old memories.

The idea behind hypnotherapy

The idea behind hypnotherapy is that under hypnosis, the patient can make contact with the unconscious easier than in everyday life, because the rational consciousness is in the way. By being in contact with the unconscious feelings and ideas, the client will get more understanding of their needs and capabilities. With the information obtained, a process of healing can be put in motion.

Scope of hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and regression therapy is a versatile form of therapy which will integrate many therapeutic methods to approach a problem. A good hypnotherapist will have many techniques to untangle problems with the aim to improve the quality of life.

For whom is hypnotherapy good?

There are no special features needed to become hypnotized and this method of treatment is suitable for almost everyone, however in general hypnotherapy is not used by psychotic and severely depressed patients . In the recent years, hypnotherapy is less applied in a way to place people into a deep hypnotic trance, as it was in traditional hypnotherapy, and is often depicted in movies: A patient into a deep sleep on a sofa. In modern hypnotherapy the trance depth will be less deep, so the patient can take a more active role in the proces.

The philosophy behind hypnosis and regression therapy

The therapist assumes that many events and memories stored in the subconscious. The source of (sometimes disturbing) behavior can thus be found in the subconscious. In this forgotten archive, the causes and events that give rise to all sorts of problems in everyday life can be found. Hypnosis and regression therapy is the mother of all therapies that rely on communication with the subconscious. By exploring the subconscious, all kind of motivations can be put into use to help a person change its believes in positive way.