About Jochem

My Passion

My name is Jochem van der Linden. I believe that the body is our most precious possession . My passion is to help people make and keep their mind and body in balance and guide them on their path of personal development

Jochem van der Linden

I am a certified Hypnotherapist , Regression Therapist and Voice Dialogue facilitator. Besides Therapist I am a teacher in these areas.

My own development

In my own development , I let myself inspire by Esther Hicks a lot, therse resent years. In my work as a therapist , I focus therefore mainly on the “now” . I’m not in favor of healing a problem by making my clients struggle through their trauma first. I believe in the attraction of your focus point, so if you feel good, you’ll achieve much more then when you feel rotten . The same principle also works iin therapeutic sessions..

Mental devellopment

As a hypnotherapist I did a lot of research in the field of “Progression” (progress) in contrast to the widely used “regression” (decline). Not to turn my back to the past, but to set myself entirely free in my therapeutic options. I have a tendency to do let my clients completely experience their goals in order to let them know what we are doing in the sessions. This will often increase the speed in climbing their therapeutic ladder.

My diploma in hypnotherapy and in Regression Therapy and have obtained at the Trance-Art-Academy in The Hague, where I was active as a teacher for two years.
The academy gave me a lot of freedom in my practice and in my own therapy process.

Physical devellopment

In the 7 years before I started my work as a Hypnotherapist, I had my own practice in Amsterdam in massage therapy.
Here I learned that the physical body is often a mirror of how someone feels mentally. The body responds to the mind and vice versa. In my treatments I aimed to an
increasing in (re)awareness of the body, so that physicaly hidden problems or traumas could come up. After treatment of these burdens, the body could function optimally again.

From an early age, I engaged in the development of my mind and body. Through sports, yoga, meditation, music and dance. In combination with a good balance between relaxation and exercise I reduce stress in my life. In this way I can feel healthy fit. I constantly broaden my knowledge through courses and programs in Western and non-Western philosophies and methods.