Therapy treatments

I charge €90,- for one session
Sessions last approximately 90 minutes
It is possible to book several sessions in succession

For children under 12, the maximum length of a session is 45 minutes.
For these sessions I charge €45,-

Ayahuasca ceremonies

The price for a day ceremony for a maximum of 3 participants is €225,- per person.

With a joint registration of 3 participants the total price is €540, – (€180, – per person)
(The date can be determined in consultation)

The price for a private ceremony is €450,-
(The date can also be determined in consultation)

The ceremony lasts from 10:00 untill about 18:00 and includes herbal tea, fruit and a light vegan meal

By attanding an Ayahuasca ceremony an intake by telephone and/or a personal acquaintance is included.

The minimum age for participation in the ceremony is 18 years

– All prices include VAT –

I have chosen not to be in cooperation with health insurance.
My treatments are therefore not reimbursed.

However, it is possible to reclaim VAT or set the costs as business expenses.


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